My ten favorite photos of 2015

Australian shepherd and vizla

Joy and Penny   

Every year I look back over the past year’s photos and there are always a couple that jump out at me as my favorites.

Joy and Penny met me at a park in Dallas. It was actually an assignment for my day job. The two girls were absolutely delightful to play with. I loved the wooden bridge that gently curved over the creek that made it’s way through the park.

Portrait of a white dog


Freckles is probably one of the sweetest dogs I ever met.

Pug sitting in the garden


This little guy is the store mascot for a new Nature’s Pet Market opening up in St. Johns, OR. He and his sister pug came down to my rustic studio just as the cherry trees were in full bloom. It was perfect.

Puppy borzoi in morning light


If you followed along in July you know that we made a 7,000 mile round to trip from Oregon to Florida to bring back two puppies that were gifted to us from the breeder. 7,000 miles is a long way to drive but it really was the road trip of a lifetime and when we got to Florida we had a blast with the puppies. It is definitely one of our best memories ever.

2 weimaraners and a cocker spaniel

Jax, Sadie and Zeus   

The beach will always be my favorite to do photo sessions. The sand, the salt air, the ocean, it just doesn’t get any better. This was one of those photos that I wasn’t expecting. We had been running all three dogs one at a time for an action shot. Much to my surprise, all three came running.

This is probably one of my favorites of the year.

Two borzoi puppies

Glory and Sage   

We got the puppies out to the beach once this summer. They were so cute as they checked out everything and were exhausted by the time we headed for home. What a great day.

Ten ridgeback puppies

Ten ridgie puppies   

For the last four years I have done a photo fundraiser for Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue—Pacific Northwest. The coordinator asked what I thought about photographing a four-month old litter of puppies.

It sounded like fun to me.

Long-haired weimaraner


This little one is my grand dogger. She was petrified of me in the beginning. I’m the lucky one because I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with her and now, she is just the perfect model.

A cat and Santa Paws

Sprocket and Santa Paws   

I love this kitty. He was born to be a model but he was a little spooked by the man in the red coat. This turned out to be one of my favorite Santa photos of the year.

Six weimaraners and Santa

What happened to the tree?   

This was my favorite photo of the year. It came as a challenge from the breeder that is responsible for most of these weimies. She sent me a meme with a dog laying in front of a Christmas tree saying, “I’m so glad you are home, the tree fainted.”

My daughter gathered all of the weimies she could find and this is what we came up with.

Love those weimies.

Greyhound in field


The first ten photos were my very favorite photos of the year. This one however, is the most important photo I took this summer.

Pete is my boy, the greyhound that stole my heart and got me through some of the darkest days of my life after we lost several greyhounds in just a few short months.

Pete joined our family just two years ago. Before Thanksgiving he started to limp. After a couple of weeks of limping and a couple of x-rays, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. A brutal and aggressive bone cancer.

The week before Christmas we amputated the leg in hopes of kickin’ cancer in the butt. Sometime in the next week or two we’ll have the biopsy results back and he will start chemo.


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