An update on Pete

Portrait of a greyhound

Peter Peter Pan

Chemo number four is officially in our rearview mirror. It’s always a good feeling to pick him up at the vet clinic and take him home. He’s in great hands and I love our vet clinic, but oh how I worry about my boy.

He’s doing an awesome job of taking every day with stride. His vet tech told me today that he gained a wee bit of weight. Whoops, bad mama moment.

I refer to all of his chemo and his acupuncture as voodoo medicine. We really don’t know how all of this will work out, but for the time being, he is doing awesome.

We enjoy our snuggle moments at bed time (and yes, I’m still sleeping on the floor), he loves all of the extra car rides and the toppers on his food are decadent.

And no, he's not thrilled about everything

And no, he’s not thrilled about everything

However, my easy-going, easy-to-please greyhound is becoming quite vocal or stubborn about the things he doesn’t like. Car rides and extra car rides are good. Car rides when the destination is to the vet clinic, not-so-good.

Lush green grass and pavement are perfect for a three-legged dog. Slick tile floors at the vet clinic are down right evil. He now wears his little red vest with a handle everywhere.

Sleeping on dog cushions on the floor with mom, the best. Sharing said dog cushions with the little old lady dogs at night, definitely not his best of times but he tolerates it.

Voo doo raw dog food that is supposed to good for cancer diets, it is officially yesterday’s news… kick it to the curb. Left over kibble with toppers from the other dogs? Bring it on.

Three-legged greyhound enjoying a sunshower

Sun showers and spring time

The best part of his days are the time he spends with his family. Rain or shine he loves to sniff the grass and covers the acre from side-to-side, top-to-bottom.

We missed one week of acupuncture and I really think there was a difference. I do believe it is helping.

His blood work is still good, his attitude is the best.

Moving onward to chemo number five.

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