And then, the baby started to grow up

Two weimaraners

Maverick and goldee engaged in a great game of “it’s mine”

Sunday was our bi-weekly visit with grand doggons. That baby boy is growing up fast, really fast. It seems like just yesterday he couldn’t even make it up the stairs by himself and now, he owns them. Well, actually I think he owns everything. It’s a weimaraner thing.

Grammy went to Costco on Friday and found these fabulous balls with handles. She was mildly surprised to find out that they are toys for horses. But hey, at the rate Maverick is growing, he’ll be a horse in no time.

Goldee got the ball first. Like every good big sister, she shared.

Wiemaraner with a large ball

Little man, that ball is almost as big as you are

Maverick, not so much. Once he got a hold of the ball it was his, all his. The ball was nearly as big as he is, but that never slowed him down. The handle was just all too convenient.

Long-haired weimaraner puppy

Maverick has the big green ball, but now he’s eyeing a new treasure

He proudly carried his big green ball around showing it off and then, Goldee found a new toy and I fear the big green ball was history. Yesterday’s news.

Two weimaraners

“Goldee, I want it. Give it to me.”

He wanted what Goldee had. The big stick from the forest or their semi-wood pile.

Goldee held on as long as she could. But that little brother was tenacious. Poor Goldee, I’m not sure she signed up for him.

Weimaraner puppy with a stick

It’s Maverick’s stick, all Maverick’s

Yes, the good grammys buy the baby safe sticks and safe balls and just what does the little fat head want? He wants the big rough sticks. He wants to rough and tumble with the big dogs.

All I can say is kids these days.

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