He watches me like a hawk

Portrait of a hawk

A surprise guest for breakfast

Karen had the late shift at work. We went out for breakfast, had a cup of coffee and just as she was backing out of the driveway she called me on her cell phone.

“There’s a hawk in the front yard.” I looked out the front window and sure enough, there he was underneath the blue spruce.

I grabbed the camera hoping beyond hope that my intrusion would not disturb him.

Hawk underneath a tree

Underneath the blue spruce in the front yard

I have this thing about photographing animals. I always believe that every cat or dog or horse or any critter for that matter that allows me photograph them is giving me a gift. It’s an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

When a wild animal allows me just a few moments to point my lens in their direction and capture their beauty, it is almost sacred.

I laid on the ground watching him as he watched me. He didn’t seem spooked at all. He watched me closely and continued on with his breakfast.

Portrait of a hawk

Stunning beauty

I tried a few different angles, moving about the front yard. He knew where I was at all times and I was very careful not to get too close.

Portrait of a hawk

Watching me like a hawk

I thanked him very much for his time and then left quietly. I watched him from the front window for awhile, but at some point he moved on leaving but a few feathers in the grass and I think he took the bulk of his prize with him.

Hawk with a dove for breakfast

Breakfast of champions

I do apologize for the graphic nature of the photo, but in all reality, it is true nature.

I mourned silently for the dove because I enjoy watching them in the yard and listening for their coos. I had no idea they were part of a hawk’s food chain.

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