Just a really good dog, that’s Rudy

Lab mix looking up

Are you my new mommy and daddy?

Saturday was a most beautiful day in Salem and we made fast tracks out to Marion County Dog Shelter knowing that the rain was on it’s way.

I am always amazed at the wonderful dogs that have landed in the shelter, but sometimes I’m even more amazed at the ones that don’t get placed in homes quickly and Rudy is one of those dogs. He is such a good boy. He’s a little older, about six years old but for a lab, that really doesn’t mean much. He’s really laid back, cool, calm and collected, sort of an anti-lab trait. And, he has the best attitude and is so sweet.

He’s been on the adoption side for over a month now and look at his face, he understands and he’s willing to wait so patiently for just the perfect family.

This a portrait of a happy dog, a nearly perfect companion.

Lab mix

Rudy, he’s just a really great dog

Earlier today I saw a video on Facebook. The gist of the story is about a man that needed to make some lifestyle changes including weight loss and adding exercise. His nutritionist told him to go to the shelter and adopt a dog. He met a middle aged, slightly over weight dog and together, they rescued each other. They started walking together for 30 minutes every day. They created a bond like no other, got healthier and for their time together, they had a great life.

I believe Rudy is that dog. He’s a life changer. He would love daily walks, a little TV time and I think a bond will happen that will last a lifetime with his new family.

Portrait of a lab mix

Portrait of Rudy

Rudy is available for adoption at Marion County Dog Shelter. He’s a lab mix and about six years old.

Rudy is one of those really good dogs.

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