Spring break

Greyhound running

It’s here, it’s finally here   

Prepare for impact. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

Eh, the girlfriend missed be by a mile, but as I watched her run my direction through the lens and she got closer and closer, there was a moment when I worried just a tad.

The delightful Oregon spring weather is here. We’ll get rain and there might be one more day with frost in the morning but for all practical purposes, spring, my favorite time of year has arrived.

The dogs know it to. They spend longer and longer outside wandering on the acre munching the fresh green grass, watching the chickens in our neighbors yard to the north and barking at the squirrels as they hop from branch to branch just daring them to come within a few feet of their speeding legs.

Even Pete decided the weather was perfect for a dip in the kiddie pool this afternoon. Pete, three-legged Pete laid down in the pool.

During our evening walk tonight the frogs serenaded us the entire time. That has to be one of my favorite springtime sounds.

Please join me with Fergie as we welcome springtime in Oregon.

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