Monthly Archives: April 2016

Two pekingese and aussie

April showers

Mochi, Frankie and Lena Bring May flowers and what better flowers than these three beauties. This is my favorite time of year. Our yardView full post »

Chihuahua in a raincoat

Thank you for joining us

Ducky    We had an awesome day at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville today for their Reigning Cats and Dogs event. Ducky was dressed for theView full post »

Reigning cats and dogs

Our next event is at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville On Saturday, April 23 we will be joining Nature’s Pet Wilsonville for theirView full post »

Blue weimaraner running

Field of weimie dreams

Luna It was game day and the weimaraners were ready to rock-n-roll. Since the gig was at Luna’s place, she had the home fieldView full post »

Blue long-haired weimaraner

Going to a weimaraner party

Goldee    I realize that nearly everyone that knows me, knows I’m a sighthound kinda girl. I love all dogs, but those long-nosedView full post »

Italian greyhound running

Flight of the tiny greyhound

Jericho We had a whirlwind of activity at Greyhound Gardens this weekend. It’s my favorite time of year. The fruit trees are in bloomView full post »

Long-haired weimaraner puppy

Tails of weim

Learning to play fetch    Little Maverick had his last series of puppy shots this week and finally came over to grammies house. Holly isView full post »

Weimaraner pup running

My little visitor

Maverick and Glory    We had a little visitor this morning to help us get through the day. I have to admit that Maverick made me giggle aView full post »

greyhound looking up

Celebrating Pete

My Peter Peter Pan When you look to the skies at night, there is a new constellation in the shape of the heart. It belongs to Pete, the boyView full post »

Borzoi in tulip field

Fields of Glory

Pretty in pink If a trip out to the tulip fields at sunrise is good, a trip out at sunset is even better. Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm neverView full post »

Borzoi in tulip fields

Zip toe through the tulips

Zippy in the tulips    We sprang out of bed sometime between 3:30 and 4 am so that we could make our way out to the tulip fields beforeView full post »