Celebrating Pete

greyhound looking up

My Peter Peter Pan

When you look to the skies at night, there is a new constellation in the shape of the heart. It belongs to Pete, the boy of my heart.

Once again, we tried to battle the evil force of cancer, and once again, we lost the war.

Pete has been a super star since his diagnosis in December. He walked into the clinic for surgery on four legs and walked out of the clinic the same day as a tripod, missing his hind leg that had given in to osteosarcoma.

Day by day the incision healed and never once did he offer to take the sutures out.

Week after week he patiently let the acupuncturist stick him with needles and he only on occasion removed a bothersome needle.

Every three weeks, he and his vet tech became one as he received his chemo treatments. He patiently waited as the medicine pumped in and was always so glad to go home.

Through all of this he never missed a meal, never had an accident in the house and greeted us with a wild case of wagging happy tail when we came home.

Pete was my heart, my soul, the best dog ever.

greyhound running

Running with the wind

Even in his last hours he raced across the acre like a greyhound was born to do.

Greyhound giving kisses

A sunset field trip

We suspected something might be wrong on Friday. Last night after a long day Karen suggested we take him for a field trip to the tulip fields. He loved his outing, graciously greeting people who wanted to meet a greyhound. Pete loved Karen and I with all his heart. We loved him back with all of our hearts.

Greyhound at sunset

Just a sunset

Maybe it was hope, maybe it was denial, but we really had no idea that it would be Pete’s last sunset.

Greyhound eating ice cream

Dairy Queen on a warm spring day

24 hours later and Pete was still limping, but even worse a lump had grown over his right wrist over night. With a very heavy heart, we contacted the vet and said we would be in for x-rays.

Our worst fears were confirmed. The osteosarcoma was in one of his front legs and he had two tumors in his lungs.

Pete has been my hero on so many levels, I knew that I owed it to him to set him free of the pain that the osteo was creating in his leg. If he still had four legs, he could at least somewhat protect the painful leg, but he only had three and he needed them.

greyhound ears

Never look back

“If there ever comes a day, when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”

—Winnie the Pooh

I will never regret everything we did to help Pete out. My heart is shattered in a million pieces tonight and I miss him so much. I loved that boy enough to travel to the moon and back 100 times to heal him.

Greyhound resting outside

Thank you

Pete had so many supporting heroes. I don’t even know how to thank all of you for everything.

His veterinarians at Companion Pet—the surgeon, the e-vet, his daily Dr., his acupuncturist gave him the best care possible. My gratitude to all of you goes deeper that you will ever imagine.

His veterinary technicians are amazing. I love each and every one of you. You are the ones that held Pete’s paw when I couldn’t be there. He loved and trusted all of you.

And Terri at Nature’s Pet for starting the Go Fund Me and hosting my photo fundraiser—that meant so much to us, it helped make everything we did for him possible, thank you. To all of you generously donated, oh my gosh, you are my heroes.

And last but not least, all of the good wishes that came Pete’s way. They put a smile on our face everyday.

Each and every one of you gave Karen and I an opportunity to hold on to the elusive thing called Hope. We all hoped that this would be a different story.

Greyhound resting

Good night my Peter Peter Pan

And so my beautiful fawn boy, I will hold you tight in my heart. You will always be my heart and my soul. Race with the wind, greet your friends and know that someday, we will be together again.

Fawn greyhound in tulip field


Pete aka Kiowa Pettigrew—March 21, 2009 to April 3, 2016

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