Field of weimie dreams

Blue weimaraner running


It was game day and the weimaraners were ready to rock-n-roll. Since the gig was at Luna’s place, she had the home field advantage. She was both umpire and an outfielder.

Long-haired blue weimaraner


Another outfielder, this boy has excellent skills and retrieving the balls and holding onto them.

Gray ghost weimaraner running


The theme is becoming pretty clear. Have ball, have big field and the most important piece of the puzzle… a loving human with a good throwing arm or a Chuck-it. This recipe made for a very happy group of weimaraners.

Blue weimaraner


Sweet Roo had to stand on the side lines. He’s on the injured reserve list after having knee surgery a few months ago. He’s made amazing progress and is doing really well.

Cocker spaniel running


Even a few of the weimie siblings came out to play. This little darling may have been the smallest doggie at the playdate but she never missed a beat and she kept up with all of the big dogs chasing down tennis balls.

Long-haired weimaraner


My little grand doggon was beside himself with excitement. Eight weeks ago he and his siblings parted company and went on to families of their very own. In team fashion, they placed paw-over-paw and shouted “let’s go.” Each one hoping to see the other down the road.

For three of them, it happened at the party.

Blue weimaraner puppy


It’s Superman, wait no, it’s a rabbit. Wrong again, it’s a weimaraner puppy on the run! Yes indeedy, Gus is one of the litter mates.

Gus has a very good reason to practice his running now.

Blue weimaraner


Gus’s new job in life is to keep up with his big brother Otis. Otis had intense focus for the ball. The weimie party truly was his field of dreams.

Chocolate lab


Autzen will tell anyone that will listen that the lab is the original tennis ball chasing dog. Even as the senior member of the party, she could keep up with all of them and was quite demanding when the ball wasn’t thrown for her in a timely fashion.

Long-haired weimaraner


My other grand dogger Goldee is pretty much a princess. Her momma spends hours preening her fluff, to be able to play rough and tumble with her peers was a treat. It didn’t take her long though to find a piece of shade and just watch the action.

Blue weimaraner


For as much fun as they all had running, it didn’t take long for most of them to find a cool place to lay down and watch all of the activity.

Blue long-haired weimaraner puppy


And just in case you are wondering how the first Field of Weimie Dreams playdate went, the sheer look of joy on Buck’s face says it all. And, just as a side note, Buck is the third puppy of three that made it.

As for the humans chauffeurs that accompanied all of the weimies, I would like to say that we sat on the sidelines enjoying peanuts and cracker jacks. But no, each human had a very important job, find the tennis ball and pitch it down the field.

Our rewards were many as we watched all of the dogs have a wonderful time and the salad potluck at the end.

Many, many thanks to Nancy and Luna for hosting the playdate and to all of the weimie parents that brought their dogs to Salem to play.

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