Flight of the tiny greyhound

Italian greyhound running


We had a whirlwind of activity at Greyhound Gardens this weekend. It’s my favorite time of year. The fruit trees are in bloom and the entire spectrum of greens fills the landscape.

This morning my little grand doggers came for a visit. I’m so used to watching the thundering herd of greyhounds and borzoi. These two little Italian greyhounds almost got lost on acre as they flew from one side to the other.

Blue and white Italian greyhound


This little guy joined Megan in early December. For a 12 year old, this guy is pretty darn sprite. He spent as much time airborne as he did with his feet on the ground.

Running Italian greyhound

Airborne, just like the big dogs

If it were a race to the finish, I suspect this little guy has the prize in his sights. These guys raced around for about an hour and never once did they break into a heavy pant.

Italian greyhound running

Is it a rabbit or a dog?

Their bodies look so darn delicate and fragile and yet, they move with grace of their bigger cousins.

Italian greyhound with ears up

The pose

Cooper completely understands the pose. He would make a gorgeous model in high fashion with his ears that stand straight up.

Red Italian greyhound

The other pose

I’m pretty sure their is nothing more elegant than an Italian greyhound. They they do have such an art deco look about them.

Two Italian greyhounds sitting

Cooper and Jericho

What else could I possibly add other than a very sweet ahhhhh?

Italian greyhound and borzoi

Cooper and Zip

Cooper lived with a Rhodesian Ridgeback in his previous life. The big hairy dog didn’t intimidate him one little bit. Zip is just one amazing dog. Yesterday he was leaping over a chocolate lab, today he was as gentle as a lamb.

Borzoi and two Italian greyhounds

Zip, Cooper and Jericho

I have to admit, this photo cracks me up. Zip and Jericho are in complete denial the other one exists, Cooper on the other hand would like a little more attention from the big guy.

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