Going to a weimaraner party

Long-haired weimaraner


I realize that nearly everyone that knows me, knows I’m a sighthound kinda girl. I love all dogs, but those long-nosed skinny dogs have my heart hook, line and sinker.

If I woke up one morning and had to pick another breed, I think the weimaraners would probably sway me their direction. Oh how I love those goofy dogs. They have priceless face expressions… all the time.

Much like the sighthound, they can be loving, loyal, faithful, friendly, shy and aloof all in the same breath.

Last weekend we had two mini weimie party playdates.

Blue long-haired weimaraner


The whole reason for the get togethers was because little Maverick finally had all of his puppy shots and it was time to meet his fan club.

He was more than happy to entertain all of his guests.

Blue weimaraner


Luna came over to our place to play. She love racing with all of the dogs. We’re so excited because she is hosting a big weimie party tomorrow. We’re not sure how many weimies will be in attendance, but I have heard rumors that there could be as many as 11.

Exciting times for sure. We’ll be there with the batteries charges and tons of card space.

Blue long-haired weimaraner


Jax and Maverick have a special bond, they have the same parents, just different litters. Jax’s wooley mammouth coat cracks me up.

It should be a most interesting day. Each one of the weimies that I have had the pleasure of meeting only has eyes for their tennis balls. There will be a lot of humans going home tomorrow with extremely tired throwing arms.

Stay tuned, tomorrow promises to be weims o’ fun.

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