Tails of weim

Long-haired weimaraner puppy

Learning to play fetch   

Little Maverick had his last series of puppy shots this week and finally came over to grammies house.

Holly is diligently trying to teach him to fetch and recall.

He’s a smart little bugger and I have no doubt he will learn all of the tricks of the trade soon. He also has all the characteristics of the delightful weimaraner already. I find his endless sense of puppy energy delightful and since I’m the grandma, I get to send him home with mama and she can spend the rest of her night and day wearing him down or should I say attempting to wear him down. Weimies come with built in energizer batteries and they typically don’t run out until the weimie is just on the other side of 14 years old.

I had to text Holly after I finally sat down and looked at the photos. Maverick cracks me up. All of his attention is on mommy and then all of a sudden he hears something off yonder and it’s a challenge to bring him back.

He was so stinkin’ cute when he proudly brought the ball back to her. It’s as if he was saying  “What now mom?”

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