Celebrating Buddy

Boston terrier


I first met Buddy nearly a year ago when he came to one of the mini-sessions we were doing at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville. He was the most beautiful brindle Boston terrier who truly only had eyes for his momma. And then, we saw him again when Santa Paws was in town and again when we did Reigning Cats and Dogs.

Buddy was always a cutie and he always kept his eyes on his mom.

Last week we had the pleasure of doing a custom session with Buddy and this little guy was amazing. He was a trooper as we walked through Graham Oaks Park in Wilsonville.

Just a few days earlier, Buddy was diagnosed with cancer and his family had always wanted photos of him in his favorite place to go for walks.

Buddy was the very first dog for his family and even though he didn’t find them until he was six years old, he was the very best ambassador a first time dog owner could ever have.

When he first met Sarah, he circled her with love and the best of friendships began.

Boston terrier reaching for a heart

A true stealer of hearts

From the very beginning, Buddy stole the hearts of Sarah and her family. He knew Sarah needed him as much as he needed her.

Boston terrier

Sarah’s guardian

Without any training, Buddy became Sarah’s guardian. Sarah has seizures and Buddy learned to detect them with almost a 90% accuracy. In their short time together, Buddy became so in tune with Sarah that he knew when to gently guide her to safety.

Boston terrier

With the purple flowers, Sarah’s favorite color

Sarah loves purple and oddly enough on that overcast day in July, the fields were covered with purple daisy-like flowers. We should all be so lucky to see our favorite things together.

After Buddy’s diagnosis, the plan was to start chemo to see if they could shrink the tumor. Sadly, that wasn’t part of the bigger plan for Buddy. We spend the morning last Sunday laughing and walking through the park and when Buddy got tired, we took his last series of photos and gave him a big hug for being such a trooper.

On Monday, Buddy took a turn for the worse and by Wednesday evening, Sarah and her family knew it was time to say good-bye. When I got the call, my tears flowed right along with theirs. I know how devastating it is to lose a pet, a member of the family. But Buddy was so much more to Sarah.

Boston terrier in a field

Looking out

I have no doubt that Buddy will continue to look out for Sarah, it won’t be the same, but it will still be just as loving and caring as it was before.

Boston terrier

Buddy and Sarah

And so dear sweet Sarah, if I had but one wish, it would be to help your broken heart. Buddy was special in so many ways and please remember how special you are. Knowing how much he loved you and cared for you makes you truly special, and he gave you a gift of love like no other.

Boston terrier


Little guy, your loss is huge in the hearts that are missing you tonight. You gave so many gifts to the family that loved you during the two short years you were with them.

Thank you for honoring me with the pleasure of taking your photos.

  • Natalie Herbig Schmidt - This was just beautiful!! God gives us special gifts and Buddy was one of them. He will be sorely missed and we are so sorry for your loss. Our prayers and love go out to you all! Xoxo auntie Natalie, Uncle Jeff, cousins Jostin & NoelleReplyCancel

  • Sarah Mariscal - What an amazing gift! Buddy was so blessed to have known you & I’m so blessed to know you! You’re deep love of animals shines though your stunning photography! Thank you for all of your love, compassion & support during this most difficult time.ReplyCancel

  • Marla Wieferich - So sorry for your loss. I know Buddy gave much love to the whole family. I’m thankful for the wonderful photographs. Love and prayers, Aunt MarlaReplyCancel

  • Gretchen Kreske - Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about Buddy. Wish I could have known him. What a sweet guy he was!ReplyCancel

  • Malia Stocker - Buddy played a big role in Sarah’s life. He was calm and loving – and always knew when Sarah needed snuggles! She couldn’t have asked for a better companion. Buddy’s big heart will not be forgotten ?ReplyCancel

  • Celso Mariscal - Buddy changed my wife’s life forever! She was at her happiest when they were together. She loved to talk & sing to him like a son & he loved to listen. I’ll always miss our walks & playing together. He wasn’t just a pet he was our son! He’s greatly missed.ReplyCancel

  • Elaine Schmidt - Buddy was a blessing for Sarah He was with her at all times and I know there will be sad days ahead for both Sarah and Celso but Buddy is now in heaven. buddy was a special dog and a true companion. I know I will miss him myself and my prayers are with them. Love you NanaReplyCancel

  • Tamara Beecroft - Buddy was sweet, loving, sensitive and grew to be the perfect companion for Sarah. I am heartbroken he is gone so young and that Sarah and Celso couldn’t have him in their lives a bit longer. These photographs are amazing! What an adorable ham he was! I especially love the one of you and Buddy Sarah!ReplyCancel

  • Paula Smith - Buddy will be missed by all who knew him, especially Sarah, Celso and the rest of his close family. He and Sarah had a special bond and he was sensitive to her needs. He’s now in heaven and not suffering, but I believe he will continue to watch over Sarah. He loved Sarah as evidenced by the love he had for her that was obvious when I saw him with her. We’ll all look reward to seeing Buddy one day in heaven. Buddy, may you RIP.ReplyCancel

  • Lilly Higgins - Buddy truly knew how to look deep inside Sarah mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. He was in tune with her needs and guided her to safety when needed. Buddy was such a joy in her daily life. Friends and family will always love her, but Buddy dedicated his whole life to Sarah and that’s something that can never be replaced. Buddy will be missed by so many. Thank you Sarah for sharing this amazing child of yours in my life! And thank you for these amazing pictures Terri.ReplyCancel

  • Patti Hardie - Wow these pictures are great and the words written so sweet and heartfelt. Buddy’s life was too short, but Sarah and her family were so lucky to have had him in their lives, even for such a short time. They gave Buddy the absolute best life a doggie could ask for with lots of love, treats, walks and car rides. Lucky dog. Lucky family. He will be terribly missed ??ReplyCancel

  • Stacie Schmidt Duell - He was sweet and so personable, he filled hearts with a love they never knew they were missing….he was a blessing. I love you, in my thoughts and prayersReplyCancel