Entertaining to serious in one dog

Two Rhodesian ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue photo fundraiser

I was fortunate enough to once again photograph the annual Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue—Pacific Northwest Region fundraiser this year.

I love these dogs. As long as food is involved, nearly all of them will do just about anything. They are entertaining.

Today was their 8th annual fundraiser graciously hosted by Furever Pets. We had 24 dogs come through. 17 were Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Aubrey, the head of the rescue always does an amazing job of pulling together the setting and I loved purple and silver. It was stunning.

I am so appreciative to Aubrey, she does all of the work to get this together, Furever Pets—they lend us a perfect room to photograph in and most of all, I don’t know what I would do with Holly. She’s the best assistant, wrangler, whisperer, and furniture mover.

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the rescue group. They do an amazing job of placing pets and following-up on needed veterinary care.

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