Portrait of a fuzz-bucket

puppy sitting

Ready for his modeling debut

This adorable little guy is Stone. I got wind at work that someone had just gotten a new puppy. Honestly, I couldn’t track them down fast enough. An eight-week old fuzz bucket belonged in front of the camera.

When the time came for his mom to find a puppy, she knew she wanted a herding dog and the search was on.

Stone was born on a goat farm. His parents have a day job watching over the herd.

puppy and woman

Stone and Janice

He doesn’t have a goat herd to watch over, but already at eight-weeks, he is taking his job very serious. I realized within minutes that these two already have a mutual admiration society. Stone only had eyes for Janice. The little boy loves his mom.

puppy lying down

Those paws

Stone’s parents are both at 100 pounds and if Stone grows into those paws, he won’t be far behind them on the scales.

Those eyes

Those eyes

Stone is going to get whatever he wants. Seriously, who wouldn’t give into those adoring and oh so innocent eyes.

I had to laugh when Janice arrived. She said she would never do it… you know, dress her dog up. Somehow, the perfect little black and white bow tie ended up around his neck. Just in time for his modeling debut.

Those puppy smiles

Those puppy smiles

By now, I’m sure you can guess where Janice was standing, just to camera left. I love nothing more than the look of love from a dog to their person. It’s the best.

Janice has found her best friend for life.



In true puppy fashion, Stone finished his session on his own terms. He was just done.

Thank you Janice for bringing your beautiful new baby over for a portrait.


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