My little chameleon

Anna's hummingbird

Anna’s hummingbird, a regular visitor to our acre

This delightful little guy and I are becoming friends. Shy at first, when I moved closer with the camera, he darted to branches that were almost too high to photograph. Now he’s getting used to the dance, each time he stays a little longer as I inch my way one step at time closer.

He’s a funny little guy. When Karen and I head out to the barn with our cup of coffee it doesn’t take him long to start yelling at us from a branch. “Find me if you can” he calls out and continues to chirp until we find his branch he prominently sits upon. Once we have won the rousing game of “Where’s Waldo,” he’s content bounce between the branches of tree and his feeders mostly in silence.

We drink our coffee and marvel out how lucky we are to enjoy our coffee amongst the birds with dogs at our feet. He in turn sips from his nectar pots. He has many to choose from now since Karen and I are incapable of doing anything in moderation. If one is good, six is even better.

This morning, one of the few times over this holiday weekend, the skies parted and we had mostly-cloudy-without-the-rain skies.

He would perch on the plum tree, I’d move in with the camera and off he would go.

After some time of dining and dashing, he finally landed on branch long enough for me photograph a series of his chameleon like hummingbird faces.

I admit it, I’m smitten with this little guy. Rumor has it there is a good chance he will stick around all winter long.

Note to self, get a few more hand warmers to attach to the bottom of his feeders so that he has more than just popsicles.


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