When weimies get together


Every month or so a dedicated group of Weimaraner lovers get together to share stories about what else, but their favorite dogs.

For nearly two hours the weimies chase each other, chase tennis balls and …


Dig. And dig and dig. The puppies stay close to the older more mature and seasoned weims in hopes of learning all of the ropes.


Luna, the hostess with the mostest does her best to make sure all of the weims are having a good time.


Some of the weims even bring their notta weim siblings. For the most part, they all get along and have a grand time.


Arliss is our senior boy. Except for the little bit of snow around his muzzle, you’d never know this boy was 11 years old.


The treasures of the day are always the tennis balls. The field they play in is long and grassy and the challenge for the attending humans is getting the tennis ball as far down the field as possible.


Who woulda thunk that the littlest notta weim would be the leader of the pack.


The whimsies have a ball and humans get a bonus round when they go home. Tired and worn out weimies. Something truly to be treasured.


This weeks play date kicks off our photos with Santa Paws. One-by-one the weimies will line up to give Santa Paws their long list of tennis balls, tennis balls and more tennis balls.


It promises to be a most fun play date.


I’m looking forward to all of the weimies gather together for a little holiday fun and frolic this week.


See you all soon.

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