Over the river and through the woods

Weimaraners, lab, snowy day

Maverick, Goldee, Autzen   

When a winter storm hits the Pacific Northwest, life slows to a snail’s pace. The perfect picture is one of snuggles in front of the fire place, sipping hot cocoa and watching a good movie.

However, when you are a 12-month old Weimaraner, there is little fun in that. Crazy puppy weim energy can only take so much. And then, ya gotta go to grandmas to run off some of that energy. Snow only makes it more fun.

Never fear, beneath all of the snow they still found some garden goodies. A pumpkin that wasn’t picked, a lemon cuke that got to ripe and was left on the vine and perhaps a carrot or two still left in the frozen ground.

I really wanted mom and dad in the photo too, but sometimes parents can be stubborn. Maybe in the spring.

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