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California scrub jay

California scrub jay   

Trying to accommodate all of the birds in the neighborhood is challenging at best. We’ve been quite successful in re-routing the starlings. They really aren’t fans of safflower seed. Score one for us.

The jays don’t like the safflower seed either and I really enjoy watching these guys. That equated to another trip to the wild bird store. Another feeder. Another bag of bird food. Another bin to store the new bird food in.

We put this up last weekend and it took no time at all to delight the jays. I apologize up to the neighbors that are reaping the rewards of peanut shells.

Jays are what I call dine and dashers. They grab their treasure and fly off to someplace else.

The peanut ring has become the destination of many a jay this week. It started with one jay. He came and went one peanut at a time. Then, he invited a friend. They were cute as they waited for each other on a branch while the first one on the ring carefully chose their peanut and pulled it from the springy coil.

Peanut collected, off they flew and the next one would fly down and the process was repeated.

Like a phone chain, more jays from the neighborhood found out about the peanut ring began lining up on tree branches awaiting their turn at the peanut ring.

Things we learned.

  1. They are quite entertaining
  2. They seem to understand only one at a time on the ring
  3. The coil holds the peanuts perfectly and they could figure out easily how to remove the peanuts
  4. So far they, they are playing quite nicely with the other birds
  5. They are still a little leery of us getting too close
  6. Five pounds of peanuts doesn’t last long. This week we had to buy a 25 lb. bag. They were waiting patiently for us to come back from the store.
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