My favorite 2016 photos

Boston terrier


2016 was an awesome year, but it sure broke a lot of hearts. I met Buddy at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville. He was a boy that kept his eye on his mom all the time. Eager to please, he always took the best photos. Last July he was diagnosed with cancer, his family heartbroken but so hopeful. We went for a walk at a park in Sherwood and Buddy was awesome. Never once did he let on that he was so sick. Two days later Buddy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We were all heartbroken to lose such a grand little dog.

Two weimaraners

Remington and Winchester.

My daughter Holly has a love for weimaraners and her infectious love brought together an even bigger group of weimie lovers. Once a month or so the group gather together for a playdate. Just before Christmas these two boys came into rescue. Their mom has a terminal illness and the boys are available together through Oregon Weimaraner rescue.

They are the nicest pair of dogs. Both are young too, only two and three years old.

Lexie and Gracie

These two were one of my funnest sessions. They live on the hill just outside of Sherwood. The property is a playground woven through beautiful gardens. The little dogs were as sweet as can be and we had a grand time during our session.


We only made it out to the beach once this year. The beach is my very favorite place to go, but we seemed to be busy throughout the year. Sherman was the winner of the Boo Bash auction. The weather was perfect the day we went to the beach.


Just a few miles from Salem lies the famous Wooden Shoe Tulip farm. It’s beautiful during the tulip season and we made three trips out there with different dogs. Little Miss Glory wears her pink so well.


One of our own heartbreaks of 2016. In late November, Pete was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a painful and nasty bone cancer. We’ve been down that rabbit hole more than once with our greyhounds. We thought we caught it early and Pete was young, only six years old. He and I had this special bond and I thought if there was ever a candidate for amputation and chemotherapy, Pete was our guy. He did amazingly well. He walked out of the clinic on the day of the amputation, figured out walking on three legs like he had always only had three legs. His chemotherapy was a breeze, never even one complication, never lost his appetite. He even did the acupuncture like a true champ.

We amputated on December 18. He started his chemo in January. On April 1 it looked like he was limping again. That night we took him on field trip to the tulip fields and the next morning we took him in for another round of X-rays. The X-rays showed another cancer lesion on his front paw.

Knowing how painful osteosarcoma is and knowing he had no way to protect the leg from the pain, we had the vet come over to the house that evening to say goodbye.

I miss him so much every day. I loved that boy with all of my heart.

Peter Pan

We had never seen hummingbirds around our house before. Mid-summer, just after we said goodbye to another one of our greyhounds, Minnie. A hummingbird appeared amongst our flowers. I knew at that very minute Minnie had come back. Shortly after that, this little fellow appeared and I knew Pete was back. Even in the cold winter days Peter Pan is here to say hi. Not a day has gone by that we don’t see this little guy perching in our trees and enjoying the feeders that we have put out for he and Minnie.

The whippet puppies

Just outside of Brooks I had the opportunity to photograph a litter of eight-week old whippets. So much delight and pleasure. I love photographing litters. They are wild and crazy and then, they crash.

Smith-coated collie


Silly Sully the farm dog. This little cutie belongs to the owners at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville. I don’t think there will be another farm dog as loved as this little guy. Well, he isn’t so little anymore. He has a farm to watch over just outside of Newberg. He was one entertaining and fun pup to photograph. I can’t wait to get back out to the farm to take his big boy photos.


Autzen is our first grand dog and probably the one I photograph the least of all. Which is a shame because she is such a beautiful dog.

I’ve wanted to take my photography to a much more artistry level and this year, that is the direction I am headed. Autzen convinced me it is the right thing to do.

Glory, Sage, Zip and Timber

If you’ve been counting, you know this is number 11, but it stands as my very favorite photo. Our four borzoi. For the last couple of years I have submitted a photo for the borzoi health calendar. This year I never got around to it until I got this sweet little message, “do you think you could come up with something for October?” Our barn had just been installed and if you could see the other two sides, you would know Karen hadn’t even finished painting yet. It was a Friday, Oct. 30 and I asked her if she could get the front and the one side painted. You can even see the ladder through the window. I promised to leave work early and we would see what kind of magic we could produce.

Ta dah!

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