Portrait of the big red dawg

Red borzoi

Timber, my model T   

I have to admit, I have really enjoyed having the time to photograph our own dogs these last few weeks. I’ll be really happy when things ramp up again with the pet photography, but my down time has not been lost.

Karen and I were sitting in the barn watching the birds when he got up from his cushion in the barn and trotted out to do his bird scatter patrol. He’s always so proud of himself when he does that. He especially loves it when the squirrels come in closer. I don’t think he is interested in catching any birds, but I do think he get annoyed when they start getting noisy.

I have always thought that Timber was probably one of the most beautiful dogs. I love his solid red coat. Now that he is six years old, I am seeing a whole lot more white in his muzzle. It definitely adds to character.

Here’s to hoping for more balmy January and February days.

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