Who makes the first move?

Red borzoi

Timber and the flicker

Third is the series “Bird Dogs”

I love January and February if nothing more than it gives me time to play with our dogs out in the backyard and do something more than just photography.

This morning were out enjoying our coffee, watching the birds and the dogs.

Timber has always been a striking model. He’s famously known as my model T.

We have many large trees in our yard. I love them and am so thankful to have them. This one is one of our cherrie trees. She’s grown quite unruly, but in the summer the birds flock to her for her sweet cherries. Last year there were so many that they couldn’t even finish all of them.

We have three or four flickers that love to hang out in the trees. I will be a little sad when the trees are fully leaved, I won’t be able to see the birds as well.

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