Zippy and the junco

Borzoi looking up


First in the series “Bird Dogs”

It snowed before we went to bed last night, stopped and started snowing this morning just before we were ready to have our coffee.

In complete snowy day fashion, we grabbed our beanies, our down coats, the boys, the coffee and most important of all, the camera and headed out to the barn.

We must get out there about the same time as the birds because as soon as we sat down, one-by-one they started coming into the feeders. The juncos are always one of my favorites. They are kind of like the janitors. They swoop down to the ground and help the doves clean up everything that the others have tossed out or dropped.

Timber and Zip wander in and out of the barn at their own pace. They appear not to be phased at all by the birds until the starlings finally come around. The starlings are the probably the most entertaining and the most noisy. The boys grow tired quickly of their chatter and they bolt out of the  barn scattering the birds in all directions.

Just beyond the bird feeders we have an ancient plum tree. Her trunk in twisted and gnarled, one of her main branches rests on the ground. Every year she pulls it together and produces some of the best flavored plums. She also provides a safe haven for all of the birds. At least half of the scattering birds retreat to the plum tree waiting for the boys to return to the barn.

Zip is standing beneath the branch that rests on the ground.

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