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Diversion tactics

Talley, 12 day old americauna chick The chicks are doing quite well. They are two weeks old today. We moved them into a bigger brooder thisView full post »


E is for Emma

Emma     Painting my way through the alphabet Emma is one of those goofy weimies you never forget. She was Holly’s dog through andView full post »

Portrait of a dachshund

D is for Darby

Portrait of  Darby   Painting my way through the alphabet Darby and his brother Ozzie have been to Nature’s Pet Wilsonville a coupleView full post »

Growing like little weeds—six days old

Hillary, black australorp.   It’s Monday night and our five-day chick maternity leave is over. We’ve literally been able toView full post »


Come a little closer

Timber and the squirrel    On an average coffee morning out in the barn we can have hundreds of birds fly in and wander through theView full post »

Bantam chick

Introducing the ladies

Gracie, a mystery bantam Breaking momentarily from our regularly scheduled programming. Karen and I have been reading and researchingView full post »

hound terrier mix

C is for Cooper

Cooper    Painting my way through the alphabet Cooper has played with me in front of the camera a couple of times. I really love thisView full post »

Boston terrier

B is for Buddy

Buddy    Painting my way through the alphabet Buddy is one of the those dogs that will stay with me for a lifetime. He was a boy that lovedView full post »

Chocolate lab

A is for Autzen

Autzen    Painting my way through the alphabet—A Her muzzle is turning a bit snowy, but this girl still loves her tennis balls. This is oneView full post »

Portrait of a borzoi

Portrait of Zippy

Zippy    It has rained so much here that even Oregon doesn’t know what to do with all of the rain. We have standing water everywhereView full post »

Local monsoon

The garden dove    Apparently we have entered some sort of monsoon season. It’s been raining nearly nonstop since Saturday. Our yardView full post »

Long-haired Weimaraner

This is my turf

Goldee    Bird Dogs, fourth is a series The grand dogs were down for a romp on the acre last weekend. Maverick and Autzen were completelyView full post »