E is for Emma



Painting my way through the alphabet

Emma is one of those goofy weimies you never forget. She was Holly’s dog through and through. They had a mutual admiration society that compared to none. Holly doted on Emma, especially when she reached her senior years and in return Emma gave Holly an unconditional love that was the best.

When Emma’s hind-end got weak, Holly helped her get around… with a wheel chair, with a waist brace and by carrying her when necessary. Emma wanted to please Holly and would let her do whatever she needed to do.

Just before her 14th birthday, Emma was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were all devastated, but Holly’s heart was shattered into a million pieces.

The day came to say goodbye to Emma and as sad as it was, we all did our best to celebrate her. On her very last photo, Holly held her hand over Emma’s heart promising to hold Emma in her own heart for a lifetime.

Emma, the original photo

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