H is for Harry

Portrait of a terrier mix

Harry Arthur Wilson Cole

Painting my way through the alphabet

They say you never forget your first. Harry was my first custom session. He is a delightful little guy. His passion is keeping the yard safe from tree rats. I believe he even has a junco or two under his belt. And, to chase all of that down, he loves him some green beans. Harry was adopted when he was about one year old and he has proven to be the life of every party.

It was hard to avoid his wet little feet. As soon as we went out to the backyard, he was racing through the wet grass.

He’s been spending a little bit of time on bed rest recently for a bum knee. I have no doubt the tree rats laugh and taunt him daily.

Ah Harry, you still are the cutest little guy ever. Thank you for being my first.


This was Harry’s original photo.

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