Hillary on her podium

Black australorp chick


Chicks change their looks at break neck speed.

I took this photograph of Hillary on Sunday, spent the week when I had time painting it and now, she looks nothing like this.

I am completely amazed at how fast the chicks are growing and changing. Feathers are coming in everywhere. We moved them into the bigger brooder on Sunday and I’m so glad we did, they are probably four times bigger this week.

They eat a ton. Make a mess of their water and they truly are little poop machines.

They scatter to the winds in their big brooder when we go to pick them up, but as soon as we have them, they almost always settle right down and purr. Coolest thing ever.

They love spreading their wings and running the length of the brooder. Karen put a swing in there and Blender is the one that loves swinging more than anyone else. Talley loves to be held. Sheesh, I think she would sleep with me if she could. I don’t think we’ll be able to trust any of the dogs with them though. Darn.

New pics this weekend. I can hardly wait.

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