Just a little jay joy

Scrub jay with peanut

Enjoying a sun shower   

Who needs Netflix when you have jays at the peanut feeder?

Our first day of spring brakation was a mix of rain, wind and sun. A completely normal Oregon weather day. Our morning cup of coffee in the barn was the best. The flickers, hummingbirds and even the elusive spotted towhee joined us. We went our separate ways for the Friday funday errands and returned to the barn this afternoon for more coffee, more bird activity and a couple of delightful sun showers.

The jays are always amusing. We probably have five or six that line up in a flight pattern one at a time to take turns dining and dashing with the peanuts. The first one of the days alerts every jay in the neighborhood that we finally put out more peanuts.

This guy was particularly amusing. He always hung upside down to get his peanuts from the bottom of the ring.

We had the barn built where it would be best for photos not know that it would become our little bistro. In the afternoons the birds are always backlit. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The plum tree is beginning to fill in quite nicely behind the feeders.

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