Let the farming begin

Plymouth barred rock chick

Blender, 19-day old barred Plymouth Rock chick

Saturday’s photos of the 19-day old chicks brought many changes in their appearance. Every day I am amazed by the changes they make. Blender’s changes were probably the most dramatic as she changes from a ball of downy fluff to stripy.

We spend as much time as possible in with them. Sometimes, we are just amused as they scratch, scratch, scratch at their bedding, other times we sit and hold them in our laps. Nearly all of them are content to stay in our hands. Sometimes they peck at our rings and watches, other times they almost go to sleep.

The custom coop is about a week out from delivery and the chicks are about 5-7 weeks out from actually moving out to the coop. We’ve doing our due diligence on care and feeding of our pets with benefits.

The toy John Deere tractor was a gift from my first boss at the college. My dad was farmer and I have many memories of him out on the old tractor.

Megan and Grandpa   

Dad’s family owned a wheat farm in western Nebraska. They sold the farm shortly after we visited.

Three weeks of Blender.  

Top left—two days old. Top right—six days old. Bottom left—11 days old. Bottom right—19 days old.

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