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barred Plymouth Rock chick

Blender, 33 day old barred Plymouth Rock chick   

The chickens continue to amuse and amaze us every day. Blender is bursting with personality. She is a lap chicken. She’ll let us hold her for hours on end. She’s quite curious about everything and she is going to be the first bird to try and fly out of the coop. Note to self, this one will need her wings clipped.

We are a little more concerned this week that she might be a he. I’m too attached to ever let her go. Karen has been doing her research there is actually a thing called rooster collars. It doesn’t hurt them in anyway, they just aren’t able to fill their cock a doodle doos with as much air and the sound comes out a bit more muffled.

Here’s to hoping we are just being worried ninny parents.

americauna chick

Talley, 33 day old americauna chick   

Talley is a puff-ball of love. She would sleep in bed with me if I didn’t sleep with the borzoi. She’s always quite content to nestle in. The chair was just perfect for her.

33 day old black australorp chick

Hillary, 33 day old black australorp   

Hillary is still our biggest bird and absolutely the most independent of the bunch. Holding her is fine, but it has to be on her terms. She kicks their brooder bedding around like it’s a soccer ball and she’s quite protective of the rest of her brood. When we go in to hold them, she’s right there checking out the situation.

33 day old mystery bantam

Gracie, 33 day old mystery bantam   

Gracie is our puff ball of pure sweetness. This week out of the clear blue she grew a black crest. We are still holding out hopes that she will turn out to be a silkie. She’s our tiniest of the birds and she loves to snuggle up to one of the girls. It’s quite sweet.

I find myself sitting by the brooder quite a bit just watching them.

33 day old olive egger

Maude, 33 day old olive egger   

Maude’s feathers are coming in quite lovely. They are steel gray rimmed in black. I think she will be stunning when she is full grown. Maude prefers to keep to herself. She settles in quite nicely when we hold her, but she’s not one to hang around waiting for us to pick her up.

33 day old bantam frizzle

Edie, 33 day old bantam frizzle   

Ms. Personality Plus. This kid cracks me up every day. She knows she’s adorable and she flaunts it. Her feathers are more and more wild and crazy.

I would have a whole flock of bantams. They are so much fun.

Ah yes, pets with benefits. It’s the way to go.

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