Rufous proofus

Rufous hummingbird

Newcomer to Greyhound Gardens   

For as long as I can remember I have always been enamored by hummingbirds. Except for once or twice by pure luck, my only sighting of the delicate birds were in photos. I never dreamt in my wildest dreams that we would have resident hummers.

When our little Anna’s hummingbird became a regular at our feeders, we started to research the other possibilities. In theory, there are eight species that migrate to Oregon in February and March and head south in the fall. Anna’s hang around throughout the winter. Rufous and Anna’s are the most common in Oregon.

I hoped beyond hope that we would see a Rufous.

It boggles my mind to think that this little bird can make it’s way to Mexico for the winter only to turn around and come back to Oregon for spring and summer. I’ve driven I-5 through California. That is one long drive, I can’t imagine how long it must take the little birds. And after all of that, what are the chances they will find their way to our feeders?

Dearest Mother Nature, she never disappoints.

Last night after Karen made it home from traveling, we headed out to the barn with our coffee and the boys. Pete, our Anna’s boy has his favorite spots. He prefers the plum tree and when I looked up at the cherry tree, I was so surprised to see him sitting on a branch. On closer inspection, it wasn’t Pete at all, it was the beautiful little Rufous boy.

When he returned this morning during coffee, my heart skipped a beat and then I kicked myself three times for not taking the camera out again. This evening after work I was not going to miss one more opportunity. Sure enough, here he came making a swing through the feeders three times.

Welcome to the gardens little one. Fresh flowers will be available soon.

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