Feelin’ broody

Not paying the rent.  

This girl. She is without a doubt one of our prettiest hens. She’s the one that lays the beautiful, big, olive green eggs, often times they will have double yolks. Or, let me rephrase that, she was laying beautiful, big, olive green eggs.

This girl at the ripe old age of about 24 weeks has gone broody. Seriously Maude? She wants to raise little chickens and has once again become a freeloader. She sits in her nesting box, frequently sitting on the other eggs lovingly laid by the other chickens. The other day I went in to boot her fluffy butt out of the coop and into the run only to discover that she had tucked and egg way up under her wing.

I don’t think I can count the number of times I have hauled her fluffy butt out of that nesting box. She wanders around the yard with the other chickens. She pecks at the grass, enjoys the delicacy we provide her and the minute I open the coop hen door, she’s made a beeline for the door, up on the roost and into a nesting box.

We read about every possible chicken thing we could find when we decided to bring home chickens. Broody hens were one of the possibilities. But like so many things, we said that would never happen with our chickens. Ugh, they have proved us wrong.

OK girlfriend, desperate times call for desperate measures. We’ve been doing our homework and you are about to get a rude awakening. We won’t do anything to hurt you I promise, but you’re not going to be a mama. We don’t have any roosters, it’s physically impossible.

Get out of your nest and start paying the rent girlfriend. Your days of being a freeloader are over.


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