How much joy

Santa Paws

One of these is not like the others

Can one jolly ol’ elf bring?

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed working with someone as much as I enjoy working with Santa Paws. The jolly ol’ elf is a genius in his own right.

*Insert here: Damn those warm southern winters for taking him away.

Santa Paws is always up for whatever I ask of him. And, he does it with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. His expressions are on the other side of priceless and I really believe he loves what he does.

Together we powered through a whole big bunch of pets last year. I was exhausted by the time our whirlwind tour was over. I experienced a whole range of emotions when he hopped in his sleigh to head for the deserts of the Southwest. I was sad, I knew how much I would miss him. I was happy for him, while we were shoveling our rare snow fall, he was swimming in the backyard pool. I was delighted that we had such a successful season. We were able to donate a nice chunk of change to three area non-profit pet organizations.

Santa Paws is almost always my biggest fundraiser. I think I need more time with Santa Paws.

We have just a couple of appointments left for Saturday, Sept. 23 at the farm. If you would like a unique photo of your pet with Santa Paws, email Holly at soon.

And, your last chance to have a photo with the jolly ol’ elf is Sunday, Oct. 1 at Nature’s Pet Market Salem. We’ll be there from noon to 4 pm. Again, we encourage appointments. You can email Holly at and book a time.

Unless by some minor miracle, this is it. Your last chance to get a portrait of your pet with the one and only Santa Paws.

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