Joy, love and a new lifetime of happiness

Boston terrier puppy

El Jefe, new love, new joy and a lifetime of happiness

Just a little over a year ago I had the pleasure of photographing Buddy, a very sweet Boston terrier. Buddy had recently been diagnosed with cancer and shortly after we took the photos, Buddy lost his battle. Hearts were broken almost beyond repair.

I have always believed that nothing heals the heart faster than bringing more joy, but it always has to be in the right time.

Enter little Jefe. The time was right and all of the stars aligned.

Meet the newest member of their family

This little guy is responsible for bringing joy back into the hearts of Sarah and Celso. Jefe just turned four months old and as soon as he got his last puppy shots, he was ready for an adventure with my camera.

Boston terrier puppy

Seriously, can this little guy get any cuter?

We returned to Wilsonville today to spend some time with Jefe. He’s everything and more than Sarah could have ever hoped for. She looked far and wide to find another Boston terrier. She did all the right things and when Jefe came into the world, they became a match made in heaven. Celso was a rockstar as he helped me move little Jefe throughout the park. We walked here and there, we stood on everything that looked like a safe platform and walked from one end of the park to the other.

I have no doubt that Jefe slept the afternoon away once we were done.

Boston terrier puppy

El Jefe. It means “the boss.”

Sweet little puppy, I wish for you many years of happiness and joy, many happy romps through the park, and a million toys. You are bringing Celso and Sarah a new love. Your tiny little paws will keep Buddy’s memory a happy and vibrant one as you build a whole new spot in the hearts of Celso and Sarah.

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