Santa Paws at the Farm

Santa Paws is one of my very favorite sessions of the year. Even though our Santa Paws has flown the coop and moved to Arizona, I whisper in his ear every year that what I really want for Christmas is to have one more chance to work with him. This year he agreed as long as he could come when the weather was still somewhat decent. Imagine that, he didn’t want to leave his sunny weather to come to Oregon when it was raining.

Our weekends were slated for the end of September and we had awesome weather. We wanted something a little less traditional than a store, so we spend one day at an alpaca farm and it was the best. We moved that old antique settee from location to the next chasing the shade and we had a blast.

He told me earlier this year that this would probably be his last time to Oregon. BUT! Wait for it, I sweetly whispered in his ear that all I wanted for Christmas was to work with him one more time and it looks like I will get one weekend at the end of August next year and I am already making plans to make it even more special.

One year at a time with Santa Paws.


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