He watches me

Portrait of a borzoi


Behind my desk we have an old leather love seat that we picked up for a song and a dance at the Goodwill. The dogs love laying there while I work. Zip thinks it belongs to him.

He will lay there for hours just to be near me. There is something so special about being able to turn around and scratch his ears for a few minutes and return to work.

Zip and I have the connection. It seems that I have always had a big boy that is the keeper of my heart, and Zip gently holds my heart in his paws.

Tomorrow we are taking him to Oregon State University for a CT scan. He’s been crying out in pain and we can’t find the source. Last month he was Xrayed from stem to stern and there weren’t any tell tale signs so the CT scan was the next step. Before he came to live with us he took a tumble during one of his runs at lure coursing. I hope beyond hope that they come back and tell us it is just an old injury.

Oh how I love this boy.

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