The huntress

Cat behind the ivy

Merebear peaking out of the ivy.   

We really don’t have any idea how she is, maybe 14? Maybe 16? We adopted her from a group that found her in a barn to keep our old cat Juliass company. He was a really social cat and loved having friends. Merebear on the other hand really has no appreciation for friends. We lost Juliass last year to cancer and Merebear, much to her satisfaction has been an only kitty since then.

She is, without a doubt the hardest cat I have ever tried to photograph. She doesn’t like to look up. This is almost a once-in-a-lifetime photo of her.

Karen had Scottish Fold cats long before I met her and when Merebear appeared on an adoption site, I knew she was Karen’s kitty.

This is the cat that snores at night like a freight train is going through the house. She drools like the faucet is running full force when she’s getting attention and she purrs with a motor that would rival the Indy 500.

In the beginning she wanted nothing to do with us. Now, we’re her people, her servants.

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph you little missy.

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