There’s a new predator in town

Bald eagle

In search of dinner   

We are pretty darn protective of our chickens. When the neighborhood hawks perch in nearby trees or the trees on our property, we quickly get them tucked back into the safety of their coop and run.

I watched as this beauty swooped down into the wetlands that is behind our property. At first I thought it was a really big hawk and headed for the chicken yard. He disappeared and since we were out in the garden putting in our first color of the year, we left them out. Shortly after that we watched as he landed in the field next to us accompanied by a juvenile eagle. At that point I ran to get my camera and once again he disappeared.

Maybe an hour later, he was back soaring over the skies above us. He landed in one of the tall fir trees across the street. And this time, as he took off and flew over our property, I was ready.

Coolest thing ever. We call him the Urban Eagle. I honestly have no idea where he came from or if he’s even sticking around. But for us, it was poetry in motion watching him fly overhead.

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