My favorite top 10 photos of 2018

Drilling down was by no means an easy task. I loved all of the animals I was so fortunate to photograph and I was always happy with my photos. Picking my favorites was tough, there were way more that I didn’t include.

Here we go in no certain order.

Kittens that were available through Meow Village.

One of my most favorite things to do is photograph pets that are available for adoption. If that is all I did for the rest of my life, I would die a happy woman. Kittens are so much fun. I suppose photographing kittens is a lot like being a grandma. I get the fun, I get the joy and then they go back home.

Jo Jo

What a sweetheart this little senior is all decked out in her pink and bling. When we arrived at her house for her session, I had no idea that their would be a whole garden of flowers for me to play in.


Bunny was another little fluffy available for adoption through Second Chance Salem. More pink, more bling and more adorable for my pleasure.


Pancakes chose to do her session hiking up at Silver Falls State Park. That little girl knew how to work the trails. She was so tiny and totally dwarfed by a 65′ waterfall.

Ruben and Remi

These two boys are the nicest dogs. I’ve taken their photos a couple of times now and they were meant to be in front of the camera.

I have to add here that the beach is by far one of my favorite places to go. These two had a blast as they ran in and out of the surf.

Tekken, Mugen, Nikko and Tsuki

I loved this session. Not only were the dogs really great to work with, but when the couple came over to look at the acre, they asked if I could use something that was personal in the photo. When I found out about their vintage, work-in-progress truck, I was over the moon excited. We just opened the gates and drove the truck in.

Four Newfoundland pups

Seriously who doesn’t love to cuddle puppies and these guys were four big bundles of fluff. Just. So. Cute.


Abby belongs to Santa Paws. If you haven’t seen his photos and had your pet photographed with Santa Paws, you are seriously missing out. Richard is the best Santa Paws around. A few years back he moved to Arizona but so far, he’s been gracious enough to come back to Oregon for one weekend every year. Next year he’ll be here in September.

This was taken in our gardens just as they were in full swing.


I drive by this field all of the time. In the spring it is full of these purple flowers and it’s gorgeous. When no one else is around, I just grab one of my own models and go have some fun.


Most people that know me, know that my gateway drug to the bigger guys, the greyhounds and borzoi was a pair of Italian greyhounds. Winny stole the show and my heart.

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