My pretty, pretty princess

I discovered last year that not only do I cherish photographing pets more than anything… I really love photographing pets with their people. 

I also enjoy doing personal projects. Photography just for the love of photography. This my friends takes me on new journey for 2019.

My search for the dark side of the moon

Glory—my pretty, pretty princess

Glory’s photo has an exceptional story behind it. One I seriously hope to never repeat.

Yesterday I decided I wanted to use the pearls my mom gave me a million years ago. I thought they were in a box downstairs that I could identify quickly. As I trotted into the basement I realized we were starting to take on water. We had rain the day before and the sump pump decided it was done.

The pearl search was off and the hunt for a plumber was on.

The story behind the scenes

I ended up using a chain that Karen had. In hind sight it was actually better. The pearls would have gotten lost in her white coat and, it is Karen’s chain.

On another note, Karen is my shutter buddy. She laughed tonight when she told me she was a great photographer. Yes, I have a great camera. What really is behind this photo? Knowing how to set up the lighting. Having the poses I hope for in mind before we started. The editing on the computer in post processing. However, I couldn’t do this at all without her support, so at the end of the day, she really is a great photographer.

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