Weekly round-up of photos

I doing my best to keep different photos on Facebook, Instagram and my portfolio. I realize there will be some overlap. So I just wanted to make sure that all of the photos I love and post still show up on the website.

Who got posted on Facebook?

The Shirek family—Facebook

Years ago we adopted Tucker, a beautiful brindle greyhound to Jim and Judy. That boy was loved like no other and lived to a ripe old age. Their daughter’s request was to have a family portrait with all of the pets.

I was thrilled to have the challenge.

Sage and I—Facebook and Instagram

One of my goals this year is to do a self portrait. The reasons are many, but the long and the short is so that I force myself to get in front of the camera and it will give everyone a peak into my day in and day out world.


Last year on a whim we decided we needed a pair of goats. My only question now is why did we wait so darn long. These two boys bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. They are both Nigerian Dwarf wethers. Small and stocky and neutered.


The other goat. I’m not kidding when I say these goats are so sweet and loving and mischievous and fun.


I had the good fortune to photograph a pair of podencos. They are sighthounds and so, so gorgeous.


This girl. She came into Marion County Dog Shelter and was in a foster home. I have photographed his dogs a couple of times and when he said he was fostering an Anatolian shepherd, I said bring her over.

The most gorgeous dog ever.


A few months ago I photographed her mama Bunny. This little girl is 7 months old now the sweetest thing around.


Goldee, Goldee. You would think that my grand dog, one of my top models would know to watch the background a little closer. Nope. And yet, even with the background I find this image completely mesmerizing.

Instagram photos

A Newfoundland puppy—Instagram

A beautiful little puggle that came in with her two brothers.

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