End of a day in the garden

Selfie Sunday number eleven. Note to self, don’t wait until after you have spent a day in the gardens and sunshine. I seriously could have played hooky on this weeks selfie.

Phone-a-friend Nobody this week. Didn’t even think about it much and so I winged it this evening.

Garden Goals

Borzoi in bed with human
Dreams of beautiful gardens

We haven’t been able to work in the gardens since earlier January when winter made an appearance in Oregon. Today was 72° and sunny. We’re putting in a bamboo forest in one the back corners. So far we have put down about 2.5 tons of flagstone and about 350 retaining wall blocks. The bamboo is just waiting to go in the ground.

Today we moved all of the wall blocks. Mildly grueling but done Diddy done done done.

Behind the scenes

I am ever so happy that my lights just stay up. Karen and I just brought a few garden tools in and a wall block to sub in as a pillow. And Zip. I love this dog so much, he’ll do anything I ask him to do. Napping was pretty darn easy for him.

Border for the bamboo forest

Now the area is starting to look like a great big happy bug.

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