We’ll meet in the middle

Sunday selfie number 12. These are getting a whole lot harder to pull off now that the days are longer and greyhound gardens calls for us to come play. I only want to think about what kind of color do I want here, here and here.

Phone-a-friend I pulled this one out of the hat at the last minute. The one I wanted to do was a little more complicated to pull off after the entire day spent working in the garden.

A perfect day

A moment with Zip

We’ll meet in the middle was our theme today as Karen and I tag teamed each other getting things done as we worked seamlessly from beginning to end.

We got all of the bamboo in the ground today. I don’t think it could have been a more perfect day either. The sun came out about noon, the soil was in primo condition for scalping the grass and digging the holes. And Karen and I were a perfect team to get it done.

Behind the scenes

We’ve been dreaming of this garden for over a year. As we worked our way through, new ideas would pop into our minds and we’d change course without a second thought.

Today we got all of the bamboo in the ground. It exceeds my wildest dreams. As it matures it will just get more beautiful and full.

End of the day
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