April showers bring May Flowers

Sunday selfie number 14. Itsa getting harder. One week at a time.

We were so thrilled to have a good rain shower on Monday after all of our gardening. But then it continued every day and according to the rain gauge, we’ve had over two inches.

Raining cats and dogs

Zip and I having an important talk in the garden

I love photos in the studio, they have a real quality about them that just isn’t the same anywhere else. What I really love though, is being outside. The smells of spring are awesome. The sounds of the wild birds is the best. And the most important part, the possibilities are endless.

This weeks selfie felt like the perfect answer because of all the rain we have been getting. I donned my muck boots and rain coat and off Zip and I went to the back 40.

Behind the scenes

Normally with pets I shoot low and hide the rooftops. They make me crazy. So I spent some quality time trying to make them go away.

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