Introducing Greta

I was so excited for the Icelandic hens we were bringing home. The first and second time we added chickens to our flock, we got day old or so chicks. They were a blast and I don’t regret that time for a minute.

It comes with a test though. What if you get that 10% rooster? They have to be under a heat lamp for 6–8 weeks. They are kinda fragile, I worried a lot.

This time, we brought home a little older chick. It was kinda cool to see what their coloring was going to be. They have to sign a modeling contract before they can even come play in our sandbox. And we thought we had a better chance of getting hens and not roosters.

So this Sunday Selfie number fifteen. Every Sunday I check off is a good Sunday for me.

Will the real Greta please stand up

Introducing Greta

Well, we still brought home a rooster, we named him Gustav as soon as he started showing those gorgeous his saddle feathers of his. We were so lucky and grateful that Marshall Farms, my new favorite playground, for graciously letting us exchange Gustav for Greta.

She’s a pretty little thing and kinda sassy. Maybe Greta Garbo was sassy too.

Behind the scenes

This still is not the photo I had in my head. Not even close. But as I was getting ready to do the selfie, I started looking at old Greta Garbo movie posters and one jumped off the page and said pick me! Here’s a link if you want to see it.

So, I did learn something that will help me with my client work. I hope to put it to the test with my next session. I’m still feeling mildly silly doing this project and I’m also having fun. Most of the time, I’m really happy I decided to do this.

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