My hot date

Sunday selfie (on Monday) number seventeen.

Every week I tell myself I’m going to do the selfie earlier in the day. Every Sunday night I’m in a panic wondering if I’m going to pull the selfie off. Well, the gardens kicked my butt yesterday and I decided it was best to wait a day.

Coffee in the barn

borzoi in barn
Every night without fail, this is our spot

We have a thing, Karen and Timber, Zip and I. This is our paradise found. Every night without fail, no matter the time, rain, snow or freezing cold, this is where we come for our end of the day cup of coffee. We’ve solved all of the world’s problems, discussed every detail of the day… good, excellent and do-over, laughed and even cried. We have big dreams, make big plans and start just one more to-do list.

This is our special place.

Behind the scenes

Once again, not what I planned. The skies totally changed from the minute I headed in to get the camera and back out. I pulled plan B out of thin air. But this barn, how could I wait so long to photograph a very important corner of our world.

We got the barn to hold all of our garden tools. On the very first day of it’s existence, it became our little Red Barn Bistro. It started with two chairs and two dog beds. A little table followed and then, the oh so important propane heater for those cold winter days. We’ve had our coffee in the barn when it was 20° out. My favorite though is to sit in there and watch the snow fall.

By the way, we had to get another shed to hold the tools.

We don’t always sit in the barn. When the weather warms we sit just outside of the goats and chickens and watch goat TV. Somedays we sit at the back of the acre and enjoy the gardens.

This is our special place.

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