The grand dogs

The grandweimies came for a visit this weekend. Grammy’s place is best because she’ll throw the ball forever. Word on the street has it that her arm is officially 1.5 inches longer now.

I have finally reached Sunday Selfie number sixteen.

I’m pleased that neither Karen or I have allowed me to talk myself out of it. I have to use my imagination more and more each week, and I love the challenge and the fact that the final image is a couple of evolutions away from what was in my head.

Picture time, again. Look at Grammy

Goldee and Maverick

These are my grand dogs. Goldee and Maverick are long-haired weimaraners and they are beautiful. Maverick had been chasing a tennis ball for a couple of hours at this point and Goldee had hunted the perimeter several hundred times stopping on occasion to bark at the Iceys that are still in quarantine.

Some day, I am going to get the perfect portrait of the two them. I just know it’s in my future. Together they are such a gorgeous pair, but just like most brothers and sisters… Let’s just say they aren’t interested in pleasing Grammy. I guess they must have just a tiché of goat in them.

Behind the scenes

When I found out they were coming for a visit, I knew I wanted to use them for selfie. This one only took two assistants (is it still really a selfie if you aren’t clicking the shutter yourself?). Karen was my shutter buddy and Holly wrangled the dogs. Goldee sat in the same position the entire time and looked around just in case she needed to dash off on an emergency hunting expedition. Maverick moved this way and then that way just to change up the camera angles. He’s always concerned I’ll miss his good side.

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