two borzoi

Timber and Zip.  

It’s time for me to change out the photos in my gallery and as I was searching for photos, I came across this one of Timber and Zip down at the Riverfront in Salem. I’m really missing my long days right now. I don’t mind the bareness of winter, but I really miss the longer days. The chickens miss the longer days.

We’ve passed the shortest day of the year and now I am looking forward to spring, summer and fall photos.

Borzoi with Santa Paws

Zip, Timber, Santa Paws, Sage and Glory.  

My final post with Santa Paws. We had the best time this year and I will always be so appreciative for Santa Paws making a trek from Arizona to Oregon for one more opportunity to do Santa Paws photos.

Here’s to a wonderful New Year and many thanks to everyone that supported us this year.

Santa Paws and our chickens

Santa Paws and our chickens.  

I can’t believe it almost time to quit playing with Santa Paws. This year was especially delightful because we got to do something different. Hosting him at our house was perfect because it gave us a chance to sit all of the chickens on lap.

We wrapped our visit with Santa Paws at Nature’s Pet Salem. Once again, we had a grand time with Santa Paws.

I can’t even begin to thank everyone enough for coming out this year to visit Santa Paws. I loved each and every photo I took.

My last image of Santa Paws was of Mrs. Claws and Santa Paws headed south on I-5 back to sunny Southwest. I have it on good authority they kept him busy taking photos much closer to home in the air conditioning.

As it stands now, he will visit us for one weekend the end of August next year. Stay tuned for another magical visit from Santa Paws.

Our second stop with Santa Paws was on our fenced acre. It was perfect. I had three different set-ups and enough time to work with everyone longer than the normal mini sessions.

The ideas for next year are swirling through my head for next year.

Santa Paws in the forest.

Polar Express

In the barn