There’s a new predator in town

Bald eagle

In search of dinner   

We are pretty darn protective of our chickens. When the neighborhood hawks perch in nearby trees or the trees on our property, we quickly get them tucked back into the safety of their coop and run.

I watched as this beauty swooped down into the wetlands that is behind our property. At first I thought it was a really big hawk and headed for the chicken yard. He disappeared and since we were out in the garden putting in our first color of the year, we left them out. Shortly after that we watched as he landed in the field next to us accompanied by a juvenile eagle. At that point I ran to get my camera and once again he disappeared.

Maybe an hour later, he was back soaring over the skies above us. He landed in one of the tall fir trees across the street. And this time, as he took off and flew over our property, I was ready.

Coolest thing ever. We call him the Urban Eagle. I honestly have no idea where he came from or if he’s even sticking around. But for us, it was poetry in motion watching him fly overhead.

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The huntress

Cat behind the ivy

Merebear peaking out of the ivy.   

We really don’t have any idea how she is, maybe 14? Maybe 16? We adopted her from a group that found her in a barn to keep our old cat Juliass company. He was a really social cat and loved having friends. Merebear on the other hand really has no appreciation for friends. We lost Juliass last year to cancer and Merebear, much to her satisfaction has been an only kitty since then.

She is, without a doubt the hardest cat I have ever tried to photograph. She doesn’t like to look up. This is almost a once-in-a-lifetime photo of her.

Karen had Scottish Fold cats long before I met her and when Merebear appeared on an adoption site, I knew she was Karen’s kitty.

This is the cat that snores at night like a freight train is going through the house. She drools like the faucet is running full force when she’s getting attention and she purrs with a motor that would rival the Indy 500.

In the beginning she wanted nothing to do with us. Now, we’re her people, her servants.

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph you little missy.

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He watches me

Portrait of a borzoi


Behind my desk we have an old leather love seat that we picked up for a song and a dance at the Goodwill. The dogs love laying there while I work. Zip thinks it belongs to him.

He will lay there for hours just to be near me. There is something so special about being able to turn around and scratch his ears for a few minutes and return to work.

Zip and I have the connection. It seems that I have always had a big boy that is the keeper of my heart, and Zip gently holds my heart in his paws.

Tomorrow we are taking him to Oregon State University for a CT scan. He’s been crying out in pain and we can’t find the source. Last month he was Xrayed from stem to stern and there weren’t any tell tale signs so the CT scan was the next step. Before he came to live with us he took a tumble during one of his runs at lure coursing. I hope beyond hope that they come back and tell us it is just an old injury.

Oh how I love this boy.

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When things go bump in the night

When things go bump in the night.  

It’s been a strange and incredibly sad year for me on many levels and an even more wonderful year on other levels. I’ve spent much time, maybe too much time thinking about what I want to do.

I want my pet photography to go a whole new direction. I still love photographing pets more than anything and I still walk away from a session with a high that is completely indescribable. But, I want more. I want to step away from the traditional photo and create more of an artistic image. I want to step back and be more of an observer than an active participant. I want to tell stories.

I captured this image of Sage and Glory at the end of the day. They had been playing non-stop all day outside. These two have a bond that goes deeper than most and the two puppies are totally devoted to each other. Sage was resting and Glory wanted more play time. I just sat back and watched them. This moment in time was a magical connection.

Connections are so important. Sometimes it is not two pets, but the human and the pet connection that is so special, so strong, so devoted. Those are the things I want to capture.

Everyday I am reminded of how quickly our time with our pets goes by. I want to stop that momentum of time, even if it is just through one frame. That moment, the connection, the unconditional love that lasts forever in our hearts. That’s what I want.


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The princess will see you now

The sugar princess in all her Glory   

It’s been far too long since I have set up the lights and spent some time photographing our dogs. Glory is our princess. She rules the roost amongst her three brothers and if truth be told, us too. Glory is petite and tiny, but when she climbs into bed with me, she takes up a ton of room. She and her brother Sage are bonded through. Where one is, the other follows.

Glory and sage are our third set of litter mates. I love having litter mates, but at the end of life, hard decisions have to be made. I’m glad these two are only coming up on their birthdays next month. They should have a long and healthy life chasing around on the acre together.

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