The new kids on the block

Sunday selfie number 13. We just spent a glorious week on staycation. It was a week of maternity leave with a side of gardening. Truth be told, we worked our little fannies off getting things ready for the garden this summer.

The final tally… 41 bamboo plants, 180 miscanthus grass rhizomes, 24 mint plants in oak barrels around the big garden, four forsythia bushes and various other plants here and there.

Phone-a-friend I had an image all planned out in my head, that is until my face came in close contact with a garden tool. So I scurried to come up with plan B.

Introducing Greta and Ingrid

Greta to the left, Ingrid to the right

Every once in awhile I just look see to what it on Craigslist in Farm and Garden. I just happened to run across “Icelandic Chickens” for sale. The breed was new to me, so off I went down all of the rabbit holes on the Internet I found.

So our girls are from this farm (I’m pretty sure this is what I remember) Whippoorwill Farm.

The story of the Icelandic chicken

They were taken to Iceland somewhere around the 9th and 10th century by the Nordic vikings. They were hardy chickens and thrived in Iceland. That is until the commercial breeding industry started taking over and cross bred chickens were threatening the heritage. A few farmers took it to heart and began carefully breeding back the Icelandic chicken in the ’70s. Now there are breeders here in the US and a wonderful farm right in our back yard practically.

Enter Marshall Farms. This place is a paradise for chickens. In fact, I think it is probably every chickens dream. Ingrid and Greta were pecking away at the soil when we whisked them away to our place.

Behind the scenes

Let’s just say this was not the original photo I had in my head and I’m not gonna show the original I had to work with.

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We’ll meet in the middle

Sunday selfie number 12. These are getting a whole lot harder to pull off now that the days are longer and greyhound gardens calls for us to come play. I only want to think about what kind of color do I want here, here and here.

Phone-a-friend I pulled this one out of the hat at the last minute. The one I wanted to do was a little more complicated to pull off after the entire day spent working in the garden.

A perfect day

A moment with Zip

We’ll meet in the middle was our theme today as Karen and I tag teamed each other getting things done as we worked seamlessly from beginning to end.

We got all of the bamboo in the ground today. I don’t think it could have been a more perfect day either. The sun came out about noon, the soil was in primo condition for scalping the grass and digging the holes. And Karen and I were a perfect team to get it done.

Behind the scenes

We’ve been dreaming of this garden for over a year. As we worked our way through, new ideas would pop into our minds and we’d change course without a second thought.

Today we got all of the bamboo in the ground. It exceeds my wildest dreams. As it matures it will just get more beautiful and full.

End of the day
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End of a day in the garden

Selfie Sunday number eleven. Note to self, don’t wait until after you have spent a day in the gardens and sunshine. I seriously could have played hooky on this weeks selfie.

Phone-a-friend Nobody this week. Didn’t even think about it much and so I winged it this evening.

Garden Goals

Borzoi in bed with human
Dreams of beautiful gardens

We haven’t been able to work in the gardens since earlier January when winter made an appearance in Oregon. Today was 72° and sunny. We’re putting in a bamboo forest in one the back corners. So far we have put down about 2.5 tons of flagstone and about 350 retaining wall blocks. The bamboo is just waiting to go in the ground.

Today we moved all of the wall blocks. Mildly grueling but done Diddy done done done.

Behind the scenes

I am ever so happy that my lights just stay up. Karen and I just brought a few garden tools in and a wall block to sub in as a pillow. And Zip. I love this dog so much, he’ll do anything I ask him to do. Napping was pretty darn easy for him.

Border for the bamboo forest

Now the area is starting to look like a great big happy bug.

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The aftermath

Sunday Selfie number ten. Good news, I’m a fifth of the way there. It’s hard to focus on this little project when the days are getting longer and warmer.

Phone-a-friend One evening this week I was texting with Holly and randomly asked for two words. I had radio silence for awhile and then she came back with “Flying Fluff”—courtesy of my son-in-law Joe.

Flying fluff

After the pillow fight with Fergie. This is her go-to position.

Fergie is probably one of the smartest greyhounds we have ever had. She’s fun and perky and when she wants something, the whole neighborhood knows. She’s also incredibly affectionate.

A pillow fight seemed so perfect for her. She makes us laugh every day with her on-the-bed antics. She has a blanket for her dog bed and frequently pulls it up to the bed for more comfort. Then, one-by-one she grabs our pillows from under the comforter and makes herself comfy. This happens every day of the week.

Behind the scenes

It took me awhile to figure out something for the flying fluff. The pillow fight popped into my head almost immediately and it won out over all of the other ideas. The hardest part was nailing down the lighting. I went back and forth for quite a while until I got what I wanted.

I had to sacrifice a feather pillow, that did bother me.

I had no idea how many millions of feathers were in that pillow.

The studio looks like it had a snow storm go through and I have no doubt that we will be finding feathers for at least another decade.

I still have feathers in my hair.

I probably wouldn’t do this one again.

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Sunday snuggles

Sunday Selfie number nine. I’m trying to get all of our pets in. I don’t know how the borzoi recruited so many.

Phone-a-friend This was another one from my idea list. Coming up with the idea isn’t the hard part, the hard part is figuring out how to support just an image.

Reading by candlelight

greyhound selfie
Sunday snuggles with Cinderella

I always had Zip in my head for this photo. Cinderella is going to be 13 this month which is getting up there for a greyhound. She’s getting weaker in the hind end and this morning for the first time ever, she didn’t want her breakfast.

I knew in my heart of hearts that I would forever regret not having a photo with her and snuggling on the bed just felt right.

It’s a strange and wonderful thing to hold a book in my hands. I really didn’t realize how much I read on the computer, on my phone or iPad.

Behind the scenes

Karen is doing an amazing job of art directing behind the camera. She’s way better than me. I was able to see what I look like to all of the critters I photograph trying to get their attention. I make no comment.

Again, there was very little to image itself, most of the work was done in post.

Time to snuggle down with a good book
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