Red borzoi

Timber, my model T   

I have to admit, I have really enjoyed having the time to photograph our own dogs these last few weeks. I’ll be really happy when things ramp up again with the pet photography, but my down time has not been lost.

Karen and I were sitting in the barn watching the birds when he got up from his cushion in the barn and trotted out to do his bird scatter patrol. He’s always so proud of himself when he does that. He especially loves it when the squirrels come in closer. I don’t think he is interested in catching any birds, but I do think he get annoyed when they start getting noisy.

I have always thought that Timber was probably one of the most beautiful dogs. I love his solid red coat. Now that he is six years old, I am seeing a whole lot more white in his muzzle. It definitely adds to character.

Here’s to hoping for more balmy January and February days.

Red borzoi

Timber and the flicker

Third is the series “Bird Dogs”

I love January and February if nothing more than it gives me time to play with our dogs out in the backyard and do something more than just photography.

This morning were out enjoying our coffee, watching the birds and the dogs.

Timber has always been a striking model. He’s famously known as my model T.

We have many large trees in our yard. I love them and am so thankful to have them. This one is one of our cherrie trees. She’s grown quite unruly, but in the summer the birds flock to her for her sweet cherries. Last year there were so many that they couldn’t even finish all of them.

We have three or four flickers that love to hang out in the trees. I will be a little sad when the trees are fully leaved, I won’t be able to see the birds as well.

Portrait of bushtits


Saturday morning coffee, 40° and new birds at the feeders. Can life possibly get any better?

I love that our days are getting longer, especially in the mornings. On the weekends we have a routine. Run the dogs, feed the dogs, head out to the barn for a cup of coffee with the Timber and Zip and watch the birds as they come in for breakfast at the feeders. I love the weekends most for our simple routines.

Our coffee was almost cold this morning as we scrambled to replace seed and suet in a few of the feeders. Just as we sat down, a entire extended family of bushtits joined us for coffee. I have heard people talk about them as they travel in together in flocks going from tree to tree, but we had yet to experience it. I knew who they were the minute I saw them.

It’s hard to say how many came, but there were at least 20. Tiny little chirps jumping from feeder to feeder to find their favorite morsels. They didn’t seem to mind the other birds and were hardly phased by the dogs.

They left us as quickly as they came. This afternoon they joined us once again for coffee.

Happy little birds without a care in the world.

Portrait of a downy woodpecker

Downy woodpecker.  

We have a pair of downy woodpeckers that frequent our feeders, a male and a female. During the flipping cold weather they had disappeared for awhile. I was so worried that starlings had run them off. I was so happy to see them once they returned.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing more than watching the birds.

Black cat

Oscar the cat.  

This is the kitty that never met a human that he didn’t like. He was the black fuzz ball of love.

I met him at Jenny’s house. The middle of her bed seemed to be the most appropriate of places to show off his golden eyes against his black coat. His preferred pose was modified buddha and truth be told, he might have given grumpy cat a run for his money with his look.

In reality, Oscar was beaming with personality. He was destined for stardom and that happened the day Matt and Jenny adopted him.

He loved being a house cat, it suited him well. And then, one day he became the store cat for Nature’s Pet Wilsonville. A job fit for the king of beasts and Oscar loved his new title.

One-by-one, he stole each and every customer’s heart that came to the store and he never gave the hearts back. In true tom cat fashion he tucked them away so that he would be remembered forever.

I can still remember walking into the store and Oscar would saunter over. He’d look up to see if he had already stolen my heart. For those hearts still available he had a method to his madness. It was a quick leg wrap to the left and then to the right with his motor purring as loud as he could.

It’s true, our pets our never with us long enough. But for the truly special ones like Oscar, an eternity would not be long enough.

You may have stolen our hearts Oscar. For that my friend, you will remain in them forever.